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News -【名誉会长】符敦云




Mr. Foo Tong June is the Managing Director of Canoe Tea (M) Sdn. Bhd. As its corporate representative, he has been participating in the TTAM board of Committee and providing his services to the members for many years. Mr. Fu has been a member of the Committee for the past 47 years since 1970, served as Chairman for two consecutive terms since 2002.  His spirit of service is really admirable.

Since retiring as Chairman in 2006, Mr. Foo was still entrusted by all members of his leadership. This showed through the high votes he recieved in each biennial election, and recommendation to high position in the Board of Committee by elected committees. But each time he declined, insisted that only served as ordinary committee, only to promote the younger generation. Through the past years, Mr. Foo has maintained his love and enthusiasm for the Association, and attended all meetings. Due to his highly praised by our members, he has often become a consultant to the Association's leaders through the years

At a time when TTAM had experienced a low ebb, he also volunteered to advance some of the daily expenses of the Association. Some of the members has faced the plight of law enforcement of food regulations also take the initiative to seek help from him, Mr. Foo is also willing to row out of trouble for them. Whether members are having happy events or going through loved one's funeral, as long as Mr. Foo noted, he will attend as much as possible to express concern.

符敦云先生历届服务职位Mr. Foo Tong June's Past Years Position in the Committee

第08届1970 – 1971 执 委(Committee)

第09届1972 – 1973 查 数(Auditor)

第10届1974 – 1975 执 委(Committee)

第11届1976 – 1977 执 委(Committee)

第12届1978 – 1979 查 数(Auditor)

第13届1980 – 1981 交 际(Public Relations Officer)

第14届1982 – 1983 执 委(Committee)

第15届1984 – 1985 正福利(Welfare Officer)

第16届1986 – 1987 正财政(Treasurer)

第17届1988 – 1989 正财政(Treasurer)

第18届1990 – 1991 副总务(Secretary-General)

第19届1992 – 1993 正财政(Treasurer)

第20届1994 – 1995 副 主 席(Vice President)

第21届1996 – 1997 署理主席(Deputy President)

第22届1998 – 1999 署理主席(Deputy President)

第23届2000 – 2001 署理主席(Deputy President)

第24届2002 – 2003 正 主 席(President)

第25届2004 – 2005 正 主 席(President)

第26届2006 – 2007 执  委(Committee)

第27届2008 – 2009 执  委(Committee)

第28届2010 – 2011 执  委(Committee)

第29届2012 – 2013 理  事(Committee)

第30届2014 – 2015 理  事(Committee)

第31届2016 – 2017 理  事(Committee)

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